Loving this timeless capture of @kristinasheiter in @galialahav GAGA wedding dress; The Flagship store is in the heart of the Miami Design District; Wedding Talent: @galialahav @wedding_style; Head piece: @peglowdesigns; Videographer: @newrezmedia; Makeup and Hair: @marzmakeupandhair; Florist: @federicanavaevents; Models: @kristinasheiter @anna.coca; Jewelry and Hair Accessories: @mariaelenaheadpieces @peglowdesigns; Classic Cars Rentals: @aralimo; Photography by Ray Santana @raysantana

Bold statement moments, princess silhouettes, just the right amount of sparkle and handmade embroidery; have all been waiting to be revealed with the new and highly anticipated BERTA F/W 2022 collection. While pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity, the new BERTA F/W 2022 couture collection – Montefiore – is a memoir of the old days,

Based in New York and Italy, Monvieve goes beyond the ordinary by producing haute couture bridal accessories. The Monvieve collection includes veils from Italy and

The F/W22 Marchesa Bridal Couture Collection is inspired by the John Singer Sargent painting “Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose”, 1986-5. It’s a beautiful late summer portrait of children playing amongst flowers and glowing paper lanterns in an enchanted English garden. Gorgeous blooms in fading sunlight evokes a warm atmosphere, embracing the coming of autumn and the changing

For the Spring/Summer 2022 season, Ines Di Santo had to look no further than her own brides to find inspiration. Intuitively aware of their unique qualities, Ines views the women she dresses as modern day goddesses in their own right. In tribute to their limitless feminine energy, she has boldly created The Goddess Collection. Comprised