Vivian Mehrabian and Anthony Grigorian first met during middle school, when mutual friends introduced them on AIM – AOL Instant Messenger. Something clicked right from the start, as their first phone conversation lasted for three hours. Of course, being kids at the time, they eventually stopped “dating” but became the best of friends throughout high

The first time Clair and Eddie Corsaf met was in Panama, when Clair had traveled to visit her brother and his family. Her sister-in-law and siblings set it up, giving Eddie her number beforehand.“He had sent me a text a few months prior to show interest but nothing ever happened until we met in person

Like many couples in today’s world, Emani Hill and Taylor Trammell first connected when they followed each other on Instagram. Emani thought Taylor was incredibly handsome with a great smile, and he immediately noticed her athleticism. At the time, the two teens were attending rival high schools, so it was during the night of a

Not many people can say they married their high school sweetheart, but that was the case for Jennifer Gonzalez and David Reyes. With a custom-made gown and suit by Israeli designer Netta BenShabu, a butterfly release, live painter, and a grand exit in a vintage Rolls Royce, this celebration hosted at the historic venue, The

Jacklyn and Ryan McConnell were introduced through a mutual friend, when Jacklyn was living in New York and planning on visiting Boston in the coming weeks. Content with being single, Jacklyn was hesitant at first.“As soon as I creeped on his social media, I agreed,” she shares. “He was so cute. We went on a

Iman Dean was hosting a brunch event in August of 2015 when she first met Manuel Strong. Under the pretense of collaborating professionally, Manny asked for her name and the two connected the next day.“Because I had heard that line before,” Iman shares, “I brushed him off and tried to walk away but he gently

On a sunny summer day, Arlyne Stein attended a party with her best friend Renee. Making the rounds, Renee stopped to chat with her brother Isaac while his friend, Michael Rosilio, happened to be standing next to him. Instantly smitten, Arlyne and Michael hit it off and spent the party – and the subsequent summer

Ashleigh Roux and Chaz O’Connell first met in the 10th grade. Though they attended different high schools and never heard of each other before, Ashleigh’s

Lily Chen and Aaron Greenberg’s love story began with what they refer to as “two mutual, fortuitous likes” on the Hinge dating app. On their first date, the two hit it off under the holiday lights at The Grove, and bonded over their love of hiking, travel, and shared family values. “Despite our initial spark, our

Madeeha Jadmani and Fahad Khan were teenagers when they first met at a Pakistani community event with their families. At only 17 and 13, respectively, they clicked as friends right away.“I thought he was this cute and adorable kid,” Madeeha recalls, “and he was drawn to my comedic side. We were friends for one or

Mehaik Dammanwalla first caught Imaad Khan’s attention on the Hinge dating app, when she shared a story about a bear breaking into her family’s car

Colin Cowie’s name is synonymous with luxury events and unforgettable guest experiences. It’s not often that a celebrity event planner has the opportunity to create a dream wedding for themselves; but when it came to celebrating his own love story, Colin and his husband Danny Peuscovich ended up hosting an epic destination wedding in South

Since they were teenagers, it seemed as if Alvina Sedgh and Jonathan Nasimi were meant to be. Even though they attended different schools a few

Even during the early stages of their relationship, Belinda and Hadrien knew they’d spend the rest of their lives together.

A Real Housewives Wedding at Governors Towne Club in Georgia “Mike and I met on my friend Steve Harvey’s television show,” says Cynthia Bailey, star

After several not-so-great experiences on the Los Angeles dating scene, Christine Quinn gave in to a friend insistent on introducing her to Christian Richard, an

It felt like the universe was trying to play matchmaker for Tareq Jalabi and Rawan Kattoa. The two kept bumping into each other at random

It was about three years ago when Fiona Nasseem and Trent Revic were first introduced through mutual friends in Marina del Rey, California. Trent had

Four years ago, Sydney Kaplan and Nathan Thompson were introduced at a mutual friend’s house party in Malibu. “We ended up talking the whole time

It took 650 hours of hand stitching and 2,500 hours of embroidering by a team of couturiers to complete the custom Ralph & Russo bridal